#WorldTVDay – From a great Scot to beam me up Scottie!

Posted 21/11/2019 by Denise Baxter

As a nation, the Scots have a pretty decent track record when it comes to inventing things. From penicillin, to the telephone and the fridge (not to mention the deep fried mars bar …) the world would be a very different place without our input. 

But my favourite Scottish invention has to be the stalwart of all living rooms … the television. And today is its national day. 

The Television was invented by John Logie Baird, a Scot born in 1888.  Due to poor health he was unable to pursue his first choice career in the military and instead took to the workshop.  Baird demonstrated the first working television system on 26 January 1926.  Interestingly, nearly 100 years later, the TV is not only an example of great technology in its own right. But it has opened our eyes to the possibilities that new tech could offer. 

I am a Trekkie and love technology and innovation.  By tuning in to the adventures of Kirk and the crew, my mind was opened to a futuristic world of innovations. But thanks to shows such as Star Trek, a new generation of Scottish inventors have been inspired. 

The show’s famous line ‘beam me up Scottie’ showed us how holography could work. But did you know that you could pursue a very real career in holography right here on planet earth? Today, holography technology has many real world applications and I am fortunate to be able to support a Scottish company that specialises in this; Ceres Holographics.  Ceres are based in St Andrews and have a number of openings for opto-engineers to join the growing team.  You can learn more at https://www.ceresholographics.com/join-us/.  

What Scottish inventions are we going to be talking about in the next 100 years? And what part will you have played in creating them?


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