Working from home and how to do it

Posted 17/3/2020 by Keeleigh Harrild

It’s business as usual for me!!

I have worked from home for five years and wanted to share some tips for all you newbie remote workers!

  • Dress in really comfy pjs
  • Get a dog to keep you company and bark every time you pick up the phone
  • Have the TV remote to hand to watch This Morning and Loose Women
  • Ask Alexa to play a game
  • Send the odd email and so on

This is what a lot of people assume I do when I tell them know I work from home. I don't, not all the time anyway. 

So during a time when some people have never worked from home before I thought I would share some tips

  • Dress in whatever you feel comfy in, doing the school I still have the morning routine of getting showered dressed and losing my @$#! at my kid to hurry up
  • Set out an area if you can to call your office/desk and have everything to hand you will need, headsets, note pad, pens, TEA/COFFEE is a must have right?
  • Prioritising regardless if you are in an office or at home is key, it’s surprising how much you get through with less distractions
  • Engage with your team via an instant message service, we use hangouts and I cannot go into detail about the info that gets shared on there as I think we may end up in prison ��. Get on video too (someone always has an issue, camera not working, no connection etc, so take some bets on a daily basis) but it's good to see their cute faces from time to time. Sometimes I work away in the background listening to the CEO literally beat her keyboard as she types.
  • Take breaks! (I need to do more of this) Go for a 10 min walk around the block or sit in the garden weather permitting for 10 mins to finish your tea or check out social media
  • Set yourself some decent finishing times and get space between working again. I stop at 3 each day for the school run and come back on most evenings because it works for me, figure out what works for you

My top tip is to communicate, communicate, communicate with your team. We at Identify are pretty awesome at this communication lark (the WhatsApp group chat is epic) so I have never felt alone - don't be alone.

I would love to connect with other remote workers to get more tips and share experiences with. Also, if Identify can help you with anything in these times of change from 360 recruitment, pick and mix services, CV editing, job searching tips, just give us a shout.

Stay safe people!



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